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Remarkable things have been shown to happen to the local economy when a large scale bike adventure park is created. Visitors and residents spend dramatically more in the local host area benefiting bike shops, the hospitality industry, retail outlets and other leisure providers.

"Trails are associated with increased physical activity and improved public health, especially in rural places."

Rotorua, New Zealand.

  • Cycling tourism contributes $15m to local economy

  • Value is the 5X the return on that of revenue from timber industry

  • $2.5M spend per day during 2006 UCI World Championships in Rotorua

  • Rotorua was named one of the top 8 MTB destinations in the World in 2013

  • Estimated economic benefit of MTBing in Whakarewarewa Forest in 2013 was $12M (inclusive of multiplier effects).

  • Projections are for economic benefit to increase to $26M in five years and $42M in 10 years (inclusive of multiplier effects).

    (Cycling News, 2006; NZ Herald, 2012, Grow Rotorua, 2014)

7 Stanes, Scotland

  • MTBing contributes $214M to the Scottish economy

  • 400,00+ riders visit the 7Stanes annually

  • $36M return to local community

    (EKOS 2007)



Oregon USA (2013)

  • 17.4M people visited Oregon

  • 4.5M rode a bike while visiting

  • Overnight cycling visitors spend 8 x more than day travellers

  • $6.6M contribution to state's economy from MTB events and tours

    (McNamee et al 2013 Travel Oregon)









Smithfield, Cairns

  • 10,000+ spectators attended the 2014 UCI World Cup

  • Estimated $10M contribution to the Qld economy

    (Cairns post 2014)

"Trails are often associated with higher property value, especially when a trail is designed to provide neighborhood access and maintain residents' privacy."

"Local trail users often use community trails multiple times per weeks, and trails are a valuable part of resident's quality of life.'

" Trails have been shown to  generate business impacts and create new jobs by attracting visitors including overnighters"

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