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The park also contains fitness niches with military style outdoor fitness equipment, obstacles, rope and free weight zones and various physical challenges for all tastes.


Walking trails which connect into the existing Arthur's Seat fire road network.

Feel like a good walk? Park at the Arthur's Seat Adventure Park and explore the new trail circuit or stride further up the fire road network for an extended exercise route. The trails have been conceived for walkers and joggers looking for some cardio vascular exercise in one of the Peninsula's most special places.

Jeff Rasley


The main pedestrian trail skirts the perimeter of the mountain bike park passing under some cycle bridges. Watch the mountain bikes hop and jump over obstacles large and small.Extensive regenerative planting creates an light wooded feeling with dappled shade, ferns and hopefully some wildlife.


To provide the ultimate in a cross-fit workout a series of fitness zones are dotted around the adventure park.These include dedicated fitness equipment as well as military assault course style rugged physical training bays.Offering a wide range of physical experiences the park's amenity offering intends to appeal to both the casual and hard core training regime.

Adventure Fitness Areas

Specially designed to promote both physical & mental aspects.

Outdoor fitness equipment makes circuit training more fun 

Arthur's Seat Adventure Park




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