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Mountain biking is hugely popular - Over the population people of all ages, genders and economic backgrounds enthusiastically ride off-road.

One of the many joys of riding a mountain bike is the sheer breadth of people one gets to meet. Crossing all social and economic layers, mountain biking can be acccessed with a limited budget and with immediate 'feel good' benefits.


From a purely health perspective the massive increase in rider growth is a very positive reflection on the power of physical exercise and self-reliance.


A bike responds directly to the rider's inputs rewarding them with instanteous control. In today's busy world this is a particularily grounding experience.


Mountain biking as a past time has exploded all over Europe, North America, Australia & New Zealand. Major bike parks and trail networks are now viewed as socially benefical. Activity tourism provides more and more positive revenue as traditional industries morph and decline. 


If you don't yet ride we suggest you give it a go.


Feel alive.



  • Male, however, the number of women taking up mountain bike riding is continuing to increase

  • Have tertiary level education, and come from professional or technical backgrounds

  • Have high incomes

  • Range in age from mid 20’s to mid 40’s, with a high percentage in the mid 30’s age group

  • Tend to travel in small groups of 2-3 people

  • Tend to travel to destinations within half day to day away from home or base for the majority of mountain bike trips, but will travel further for unique experiences or competitions 

  • Ride once to 2-3 times per week

  • Cite features such as fitness/exercise, technical challenge, spectacular scenery, local culture, and accessibility as important attributes for MTB destinations.




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